Seven Cities Writers Project is a501(C)(3) non-profit corporation devoted to sharing the craft of writing in non-traditional settings such as domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, senior living facilities and prisons to reach underserved communities.

Our cost-free, multi-genre workshops invite participants to discover their individual voices through poetry, fiction and nonfiction/memoir.

Workshops are guided by one or more of our project directors who all hold masters degrees, and have considerable teaching experience.

We generally cap the number of participants at eight. Participation may be open to any interested person, or selected to take part by administrators at your facility.

We provide writing materials and all reading handouts. Our classes meet once a week for six weeks, two to two-and-a-half hours at a time. Our project directors offer students writing prompts to get them started, engage the students in discussions about their work and offer reading supplements. Students are encouraged to share their work as they feel comfortable.

We understand that populations in these facilities are often fluid, and it may be challenging to maintain a sense of continuity from week to week. Our project directors welcome writers as they join on ongoing group.

At the end of each session, we hold readings designed around the limitations of the facility, to give the writers an opportunity to share their work. We distribute student surveys to give participants the opportunity to evaluate our program and suggest improvement.

Our goal is to develop our students’ confidence, and to help them use writing to express themselves in a satisfying way while building supportive relationships amongst each other. We provide a safe and nurturing environment, always encouraging our writers to feel free to express themselves without judgment.